As special education attorneys we work to ensure that children receive the educational services that federal law entitles them. Under federal law, all children have the right to a free appropriate public education. The federal court has determined an appropriate education to be one that allows a child to make meaningful progress. Many children are in need of special education and are not receiving an education that allows them to make such meaningful progress.

It is our practice not to charge our clients for our services as the law provides for payment of legal fees to a prevailing party. Our typical services include consultation, obtaining and reviewing school records, representation at due process hearings, IEP meetings, resolution meetings, disciplinary hearings, and court hearings, obtaining appropriate psycho-educational evaluations if needed, and ensuring appropriate educational services and placement. We further accommodate our clients by conducting all face to face business at locations most convenient for our clients, which are typically our client’s homes. Such face to face meetings increase parent comfort level and allow us to meet the child.